The Students Sold Us Secrets Vol 2

Publication Date

December 5, 2013



The student sold us secrets by Lee Mavin





This second book shows us the crazy, chilling stories in which the under cover teacher discovers. Most of the students defiantly go overboard in ridiculous, wicked and horrid ways.

They are at it again! The Students have sold me their grim secrets and I have managed to get their words onto paper without anyone of them finding out. I have been posing as an undercover substitute teacher in order to get a closer look at their growing immoral tendencies and I don’t like what I see. This collection of twelve chilling tales will get you into the heads of the most ghastly young adults as they stop at nothing to quench their thirst for greed. They are obsessed with things like popularity vanity and often turn to harmful actions when pushed in the wrong directions. Some have even turned to murder in their wicked ways.

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